The Countess Report was made possible by the support of the Cruthers Art Foundation, which provided funding for us to undertake the data collection and report.

The Countess Report was further supported by NAVA, the national peak body for the visual and media arts, craft and design sector in Australia. NAVA has provided administration, advocacy and promotional assistance to the project.

We are also grateful for the continued work and assistance of the Advisory Committee composed of John Cruthers, Dr. Eva Cox AO, Dr. Jacqueline Milner, Tamara Winikoff OAM, and Amanda Rowell who have overseen the Countess Report and provided invaluable guidance and assistance.

The Countess Report would not have been possible without the tireless work of many individuals and we thank; Mark Hislop, Sadie Chandler, Sally-Ann Rowland, Virginia Fraser, Dani Hakim, Amy-Noel Van Eymeren, Louise Meyhew, Gillian Fuller and Brianna Munting.