Art Media 2014
We collected data on Art Media and counted the gender of artists represented in articles, reviews and advertising in national contemporary art magazines and media including fully publically funded as well as strictly private enterprises Inclusion in the economy of exposure in art related media is essential to a viable artistic practice. Artists who are not with a copyright licensing agency typically do not receive even small fees when images of their work are used in publications, and reward may be located only in a possible increase in professional reputation and relevance to current and historical dialogues arising from exposure in articles, reviews and advertising. The representation of female artists in this important format showed the lowest results in this survey and may account for the lower visibility and impact of female artists’ exhibitions. The actual higher participation of women in this report’s categories has yet to impact on the art media.

Our data collection on Art Media found 34% female artists, 61% male artists and 5% collaborations were the subject of feature articles and reviews, while the covers included only 20% female artists and 80% male artists. We collected data from newspaper articles over 1000 words and newpaper visual art columns. We counted artists who were the subject of the article, as well as artists who were mentioned in articles, we also collected data on the images that were selected for illustration of articles and reviews.
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