Artst Run Initiatives 2014
Artist Run Initiatives, which, as the name suggests, are programmed and managed by artists, are seen both as independent spaces that foster experimentation and as sites where professional experience for emerging visual artists takes shape in a self-organising way. Artist run initiatives accept proposals for exhibition rather than working by invitation only. The data show a greater representation of women as participants in this sector as opposed to the invitation only exhibitions in museums and public galleries. Women held most of the organisational and administrative roles in ARIs in the period of study while men held the majority of the curatorial and advisory roles, reflecting a common pattern of women in supportive, organisational and housekeeping roles.

Our data collection on Artist Run Initiatives found 49% female artists and 39% male artists participated in the exhibition programs in 2014 while the remaining 12% were collaborations. Women took on 67% of the organisational and board roles and men 33%.
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ARI Exhibiting Artists, Director/s, Board 2014
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