Contemporary Art Organisations 2014
CAOs are members of Contemporary Art Organisations Australia, a national network of twelve independent art spaces, triennially funded by state and federal governments. CAOs produce, present and interpret artwork created by living artists. CAOs galleriesare an important area for data collection as they focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and support contemporary artists at all career levels. As recipients of public funding it is not unreasonable to expect an even distribution of gender participation. CAOs galleries originally operated around a proposal based model but most have now adopted a museum style invitation only model.

Our data collection on Contemporary Art Organisations found 47.5% female artists and 46% male artists and 6.5% collaborations participated in their exhibition programs in 2014. Women held 47% of the Director roles while men held 53%. The organisations’ board members were 45% women and 55% men, and the board chairs were 31% women and 69% men. When Countess blog counted a sample of CAOs galleries in 2011 women were at 35% representation in exhibitions and at 38% in 2013, so 45% in 2014 is a very healthy result.
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Contemporary Art Organisations – Exhibiting Artists, Director/s, Board 2014
CAOs Exhibition Type 2014
The Countess Report