Art Funding 2014
Government Funding in Australia assists contemporary artists to pursue their artistic activities. It provides funding as well as support and prestige. Government funding affects the type of art seen and the artists who continue to practice. The category of Funding collected data on individual recipients in 2014 from the project grants categories of two funding bodies, The Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Victoria. The Australia Council exercises equal opportunity principles with the data showing an even gender distribution of funds, proving organisations can clearly uphold gender equity and artistic merit simultaneously.

Our data collection on Funding Bodies found that, from a pool of $3.4m, women were funded 52% of the time and recieved 48.5% of the funding pool (on average $13,367) while men represent 44% of grant recipients as well as 44% of the funding pool (an average of $14,990) while collaborations averaged out at $23,072 each.
The Countess Report
Funding by State 2014
The Countess Report 2014