The data collected is drawn from artists that have exhibited across a range of exhibition spaces in Australia from Artist Run Spaces to Museums and Biennales.

In addition, other organisational roles have been counted including board members, board chairs, curators and directors. The data is extensive and consists of over 20,000 individual entries detailing artist/curator/director etc. name, gender, exhibition name, type of exhibition (solo, group), the organisation name and date.

(1) The Countess Report reports on publicly available data collected from websites, exhibition catalogues, magazines and media.

(2) Where data was not available in the public realm, we extended direct requests to organisations and institutions.

(3) The Countess Report relied on the veracity of available data made available whether in the public realm or by direct request.

(4) No independent investigation and verification of data was undertaken.

(5) This website and the data are provided as a public resource that can be available for future comparative studies. Please click here for enquiries

(6) The data visualisations where created using Tableau Public.

(6) We invite you to submit appropriate data to CoUNTess @ email if your organisation was not approached to provide information during the main round of data collection.
the countess report: the pool of artists by Sadie Chandler